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That tells me that I have finally learned to respect myself. At the park there was a shed that was unlocked. As guilty as I felt, the excitement—and it was very exciting—kept me from just ending it right there. Sex has never felt so fluid. To be frank, at the ripe, old age of 12, I knew a lot about sex despite never having actually participated in the act. We had some smalltalk and caught up with what had happened with each other. I stayed in the dark crying.

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Katelyn. Age: 26.
accidental sex tumblr

Because our voices and our histories matter.

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Amya. Age: 27.
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When we got to the difficult part, he was quite quick to shove himself into me. DO TELL While being away during the summer, I had a resolve that I would actually practice some female agency and fully own my sexuality, or at the very least actually explore it. More recently, someone different approached on campus in a much more respectful way. I have passed groups of 15 men, who might call out but never have made moves touch me.

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