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There is a great way to eat your cum while your horny. Hopefully the first of many. This happened just this week, and I edge all the time now. I love the taste, smell, and texture. Best part of easing into it by using food is that initially it can help with masking the texture or flavor a bit, but then if you come to like it hahhh, get it? You look down at it all, glistening on your tummy in the light. I should emphasize that it was clearly not allowed to just openly wank in front of everyone, and I was sitting in the middle of the most public room of the club.

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Here are 4 tips on how to take your time and enjoy your cum at your own pace:.

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Cum on food - making & eating semen jello (Requests welcome)

If you do get there and enjoy it please feel free to come back and share the experience should you be comfortable doing so. You scoop some up with your fingers, raise them to your lips AND…. I love to masterbate so I can slurp up my delicious nutt. After reading through this thread and taking in many ideas to get over this hump, tonight I decided to try food and cum together.

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