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Nor does the mask of pregnancy impart any super-hero-like powers to the afflicted woman. Also send me the free 5-part email series Get Pregnant Now. The mask of pregnancy is hyper-pigmentation of the skin—darkening splotches that can look like anything from extra-large or extra-dark freckles to a large swath of light or dark brown skin.

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Melasma also known as chloasma faciei[1] : or the mask of pregnancy [2] when present in pregnant women is a tan or dark skin discoloration. Melasma is thought to be caused by sun exposure, genetic predisposition, hormone changes, and skin irritation. The symptoms of melasma are dark, irregular well demarcated hyperpigmented macules to patches commonly found on the upper cheek, nose, lips, upper lip, and forehead.

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For many women, pregnancy brings glowing skin, rosy cheeks, and shiny hair. Here are some of the common skin conditions in pregnancy, along with some practical tips on managing those that can be troublesome. Increased blood flow and oil production are the factors behind the radiant pregnancy glow.

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It's especially common in darker-skinned women, or those of Asian and African descent, who already have more pigment in their skin. Exposure to sunlight can make it worse. The good news: The discoloration is temporary and usually disappears after delivery or, in some cases, after you finish breastfeeding.

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By Tammy Sutherland Dec 28, Photo: Stocksy. A few years later, when she was 30 weeks pregnant with her son, the patches darkened and new ones started to appear on her forehead.

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There's an inexplicable joy when you first discover you're pregnantcombined with an indescribable and often irrational amount of fear too. It was just a year into our marriage when my son decided to make an appearance in our lives. It was unplanned and, as you can imagine, my husband and I were completely blindsided.

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Have you ever heard of the mask of pregnancy? Changing hormone levels stimulate an excess production of melanin, which leads to hyperpigmentation. Even though chloasma is pretty common among pregnant women, or women taking birth control pills and receiving hormone therapy, it can still be frustrating and embarrassing.

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Melasma is a chronic acquired hypermelanosis of the skin, characterized by irregular brown macules symmetrically distributed on sun-exposed areas of the body, particularly on the face. It is a common cause of demand for dermatological care that affects mainly women especially during the menacmeand more pigmented phenotypes Fitzpatrick skin types III-V. Due to its frequent facial involvement, the disease has an impact on the quality of life of patients.

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This is due to the hormonal changes. While some women evolve beautifully with a glowing skin, others tend to look drained, tired and sapped. One of the most common challenges faced by pregnant women is skin darkening, also called as chloasma or melasma gravidarum in medical terms.


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