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He also tries to grope Russia in one Christmas bloodbath. France mutters while petting Italy about how he wants him. Italy: [Blushing] What the hell are you thinking?! He models for Germany by unbuttoning his shirt and tying the bottom under the chest and asks if he looks sexy. As to what kind of "like" that is In episode 21 Italy gets close to Japan while both are naked in a bath. England : N-no, Italy found me and dragged me back here.

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The Christmas Bloodbath features Parallel Spain and France accusing the other of cheating on them with Sealand calling it a lover's spat.

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Rumors and Misconceptions

And in the new June Birz comic, Russia literally sends Japan a heart from across his country, which Japan subsequently subdues. Greece then tells Japan that the Spartans used to hunt naked and undergo physical inspections once a week. In volume four, Taiwan is very adamant in insisting that she finds Vietnam cute, despite the latter's protests and practically drags her to get a photo taken with her.

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