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Prostate-specific antigen PSA — this is an enzyme a chemical that speeds up chemical reactions which causes the semen to become watery so sperm can move easily inside a woman's body. Apart from pornographic movies showing people having sex, semen is usually not shown in movies as many people think that doing so is obscene not decent. It helps sperm to move through the man's urethra and inside the woman's vagina and cervix , and also stops them from spreading out too much from the semen when it is inside the woman's body. Amino acids and fructose a kind of sugar , — these provide food for the sperm. However, since the late 20th century, artists and moviemakers have done so more often.

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Sperm, also called spermatozoa, are made by a man's testicles and mature grow up in the epididymis.

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This page was last changed on 12 September , at Seminal plasma protects and provides food for sperm as they travel inside a woman's body. A man with oligospermia or azoospermia is usually infertile , and cannot or finds it very hard to make a woman pregnant by having sex with her. Semen is made up of sperm male cells for sexual reproduction floating in a fluid called seminal plasma.

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