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The safety pin holding your skirt together starts to bend out of shape, groaning silently as it struggles to hold back the force of your belly hitting your lower thighs. You hear some schoolgirls sniggering behind you. Unfortunately now that your belly has been released from the tight confines of the skirt it looms out even bigger, putting extra strain on your t-shirt which tears right down the side exposing several of your thick side rolls for everyone to see. You stop to catch your breath for a couple of seconds, then you try to squeeze your other half through as well. On three they push upwards, groaning from the strain as they lift your belly upwards and try to pry it free from the doorjamb. This gets a laugh from his mates.

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Eliza. Age: 27.
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You waddle away quickly and suddenly find yourself in front of the bakery and fried chicken place.

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Zariyah. Age: 32.
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Your eyes widen and you heave yourself up just in time before the old wooden frame collapses under your weight. Your huge butt cheeks take up the entire width of the bench and as you slowly lower yourself down it creaks loudly. Finally the safety pin gives out and goes flying away with a PING.

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