Cast of spartacus season 4

cast of spartacus season 4
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Agron then arrives and kills the Romans who wounded Spartacus, then carries Spartacus away from the battlefield. However, Gannicus is forced to hide behind enemy lines with Sibyl while waiting for a chance to get away. Naevia assists then they are separated, Crixus overwhelms Caesar within a short exchange but before he can finish him is stabbed from behind by Tiberius, who tells Caesar that the time has not come for Caesar's suffering to end. Crassus is confident the trench and palisade he had built secretly will contain Spartacus's army and successfully sets a trap by advancing his general's tent perilously. Spartacus, his true name having never been revealed, is buried in an unmarked grave which is marked by a shield with the fated Red Serpent upon it, fulfilling the prophecy his wife, Sura, made in the first episode. Gannicus, Sibyl and Laeta escape and rejoin the rebels' new camp on a remote mountain range in the dead of winter. He also sees the spirit of Oenomaius, smiling as he awaits his old friend to join him in the afterlife.

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cast of spartacus season 4

Despite some complications, the tactic works and the slaves storm and capture the city after a fierce night-time battle.

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Spartacus: War of the Damned

Retrieved January 29, Crassus rewards Heracleo for his cooperation with gold and the 'traitor' Laeta. Crixus and Spartacus decide to part ways, with each man choosing his own path; Crixus choosing to advance onto Rome with his followers including Naevia and Agron , whilst Spartacus heads for other places to take his followers away from the country. A snow storm kills a few thousand of the weakest rebels, but their frozen corpses achieve revenge by bridging the trench, so Spartacus's men break free and escape again.

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