Kerbal space program comic

kerbal space program comic
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On a Squad stream he was supposed to be showing off Kethane with Majiir as a guest but he spent half the stream trying to build a rocket that Mechjeb could launch and the other half making rocket cars. Alas they never enthralled me all too much, personally - except for these two:. Satire or not, they would have to get permission to use the game's trademark. They stated early on that they were never going to put any kind of DRM on the game, because they think it's counterproductive, but that's a lot different from saying "Hey, go ahead and steal our game". Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. See the discussion on misc posts for more info. It does make a bit of a difference on a livestream though.

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Daphne. Age: 29.
kerbal space program comic

Looks like they haven't updated since

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Community Teamspeak Server ksp. Maybe that's why they quit making this comic so long ago? They were never "cool" with people torrenting the game.

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