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With the humans of the time period that their stories are set in, it is considered proper and healthy to be wearing clothes that not only allow the person to be comfortable while not offending anyone, but also befit that person's station in society. Wild Smurf , having grown up outside of the Smurf Village , has little concept of the need of clothing with the exception of wearing a bush around his waist, which made Empath's first encounter with him as a Smurfling rather frightening to Empath. Nudity or nakedness is the state of wearing no clothing. Hefty in this series is depicted as being a bit of a pervert at times, as he tries to get a sneak peek at Smurfette or Wonder getting undressed or having a bath or shower. They have hair, too, so a Smurf hat is mostly a symbol of being a true Smurf.

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In " Smurfette's Inner Beauty ", when her fellow Smurfs requested for her to pose nude for one of the annual Art Festival contests, she actually appeared in underclothes that were altered by Empath to make them the same color as her skin, making the other Smurfs believe that she was posing nude.

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The wearing of clothing is exclusively a human characteristic. Years later, when Wild was introduced to his fellow Smurfs as an adult, Tailor made for Wild a loincloth that he could wear since he found Smurf clothes to be so uncomfortable. Empath , who was raised as a Psyche, had originally adopted this frame of mind and was fearful of seeing his fellow Smurfs in what Psyches call "half-dress", which also included himself when he first wore Smurf clothes. In some situations the minimum amount of clothing or no clothing at all may be socially acceptable, while in others much more clothing is expected.

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