Spanking and whipping

spanking and whipping
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Man, I told yall I been cussing since i was in diapers. They could've hindered or hurt me for life doing that and that's something I always feared about my own son. But my dad whipped me like a grown woman. Or will it be for cussing out my elementary principal for whipping me? She said nope she wasn't going to whip me.

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Marie. Age: 22.
spanking and whipping

So we head out through my window

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Yaretzi. Age: 25.
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What was the worst whipping, beating, spanking that you recieved as a child?

Shoot, I got whippings on a daily basis and they all were bad to me. I was tryna' put it in and kept asking her "is it in? I remember I think we were 10 or LOL I started too young ct.

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