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We all got a good laugh out of that. They were just very polished, chic, cutting edge and very much on the same playing level as the Dallas Cowboys. Lynita Stuart was just 20 years old when she joined the San Diego Chargettes — a decision that came with dire consequences. Former Chargettes cheerleader Lynita Stuart came forward in a documentary titled 'Sidelined,' which detailed how the entire squad was abruptly fired after members posed alongside other NFL cheerleaders in the December issue of Playboy. Stuart said that for decades, she felt guilty for participating in the controversial shoot that led to the sudden firing.

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It was considered an art magazine.

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I thought, if millions of other people can do it, I can do it. Still, she wanted the opportunity to reconnect with her former teammates 40 years later. Stuart said she overlooked the lack of pay because she hoped the squad would eventually help launch her career. ESPN noted the Chargers fired the entire squad before the issue was even published.

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