Packers ftm

packers ftm
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It can feel weird to pack with a prosthetic after having lower surgery, but for guys who have had meta, the lack of a bulge in the locker room may still make them feel uncomfortable. If you are on a budget or are purchasing your first packer, the Mr. The foam insert can be purchased as a standalone packing solution. Don't own a full drawer or packing underwear? Some trans guys do not experience bottom dysphoria at all.

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Holly. Age: 20.
packers ftm

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Kayla. Age: 31.
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Comparing Packers

I can still remember the day I discovered my identity. That means you'll never have to worry about your packer falling out when you're sporting these bad boys. Thoughts, plans, and discovery flooded my mind as I packed a nice bulge and gazed at my reflection. This section is designed for guys who are just starting out.

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