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Anterior knee pain is pain which occurs in the front of the knee around the knee cap. Anterior knee pain improves over time. Usually the symptoms are fully relieved, or just a minor problem, by the late teens or early twenties.

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Adolescent injuries differ from adult injuries mainly because the bones are still growing. The growth plates physis are cartilaginous strong connective tissue areas of the bones from which the bones elongate or enlarge. Repetitive stress or sudden large forces can cause injury to these areas.

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Knee pain in the adolescent can encompass a myriad of underlying conditions. Most often, various forms of tendinitis and apophysitis are the cause. Problems in alignment as well as overuse can cause increased pressure on the kneecap.

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Knee problems are common for adolescent girls. As you know, their bodies are going through many changes and their knees have to adjust quickly to these changes — including additional height or weight as they grow. That strain can lead to aches and pains when doing a lot of running or jumping.

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This article addresses pain in the front and center of the knee. Pain located in the upper shinbone area, just below the kneecap, is a different condition and is discussed in Osgood-Schlatter Disease Knee Pain. A teenager or young adult who is physically active and participates in sports may sometimes experience pain in the front and center of the knee, usually underneath the kneecap patella.

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Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a term used to describe pain at the front of the knee and around or behind the kneecap patella. It is one of the most common disorders of the knee. It can occur in all age groups but is particularly common in teenage girls.

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Did you know that our knees are the largest and strongest joints in our bodies? While I stress with my patients that regular exercise is good for teens, knee pain is usually caused by overuse. In those cases, rest will often lead to a full recovery.

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Osgood-Schlatter disease OSD is swelling and irritation of the growth plate at the top of the shinbone. A growth plate is a layer of cartilage near the end of a bone where most of the bone's growth happens. It is weaker and more at risk for injury than the rest of the bone.

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Patellofemoral pain syndrome is often caused by imbalances in the muscles surrounding the knee, which affect the kneecap patella and cartilage within the joint. As many as 1 in 3 young adults experience this type of knee pain at some time or other. You may feel pain in the front of your knee and around and behind your kneecap. It can sometimes be quite severe and everyday movements like walking up and down stairs can make it worse.


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