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This makes sex more spontaneous and enjoyable. Then get a vasectomy you wuss! After about fifteen years together my partner and I decided to start a family.

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A vasectomy is a procedure performed on the vas deferens, the tubes that put sperm into your semen when you ejaculate. Keep reading for more on what to expect from sex after your vasectomy. This may mean waiting a week or more after your procedure.

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Vasectomies are losing their popularity, but a study from earlier this year may suggest a reason to reconsider this minimally invasive procedure as a method for birth control. The research from Germany found that men often have more sex, experience better erections and orgasms, and have generally higher sex drives following the procedure. It's not that surprising that vasectomies are one of the least popular of all birth control methods.

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Can a vasectomy dim a guy's enjoyment of sex? Also, how does a young woman in a rural area without any resources find a safe way to come out and enter the "lesbian scene"? Sexploration answers your most intimate queries.

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In fact, vasectomies:. Only one out of every five men in the United States over age 35 has undergone a vasectomy — but, more than twice as many women have their tubes tied even though that operation costs a lot more and involves surgery. Why is this?

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Vasectomized men get laid an average of 5. Still, plenty of guys worry that sharp objects near their testicles could harm their sexual function. When a doctor performs a vasectomy, he makes a small incision on your scrotum, pulls out your vas deferens, and blocks off the pathway that carries your sperm from your testicle to your urethra.

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Take out stress, and you can experience much more pleasure. But from my experience, yes, men definitely do enjoy sex more afterwards. IH: What criteria do you consider for men considering vasectomies?

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Is this normal or is it anything to worry about? Can I improve sensation in any way? I had read somewhere that reduced sensation at orgasm could be a sign of prostate problems. Is this true?

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Post-vasectomy pain syndrome is a chronic and sometimes debilitating genital pain condition that may develop immediately or several years after vasectomy. There is a continuum of pain severity between these two extremes. Pain is thought to be caused by any of the following, either singularly or in combination: testicular backpressureoverfull epididymideschronic inflammationfibrosissperm granulomasand nerve entrapment.

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