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Your eyes meet across the room and a spark seems to pass from her eyes to yours. So how did you get to sharing your plaid shirts and rainbow suspenders? For a deeper discussion of the science supporting the existence of gaydarsee our article from last year, but a good summary of the field can be gleaned from a study conducted at Northeastern University that sought to confirm whether lesbians had better gaydar than straight women.

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Here's some more evidence that sexuality is an innate characteristic: Gay men are more likely to respond to male sex pheromones than they are to female ones. It's not something that should be all that surprising, given what we already know about sexuality in general. But more evidence never hurts.

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Please note: This article was published more than one year ago. The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. And "More information" links may no longer work.

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There are thousands of them out there, promising to bring your sex life to new vistas. Some you take in pill form. We are, after all, complex organisms who steer our own course in life.

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Using a brain scanning technique called positron emission tomography, scientists found that a potent chemical lurking in male sweat causes a rush of electrical activity in the brains of straight women and gay men, while lesbians and straight men treat it like any other common odour. Ivanka Savic, a neuroscientist at the Stockholm Brain Institute who led the study, said the finding suggested specific brain circuits were engaged when we were exposed to chemicals we found sexually stimulating. She added that the scans did not reveal whether sexual behaviour was learned or hard-wired in our brains at birth.

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All rights reserved. Women and men can sniff out the opposite sex via odorless pheromones, a new study suggests. The discovery adds another piece to the growing body of evidence that humans, much like the rest of the animal kingdom, know more from their noses than previously thought.

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News is starting to leak out about an article embargoed until 5PM today. The article reports a study by the same Swedish team that did the gay male and pheromone study about a year ago. This study shows that sexual orientation at the extreme Kinsey scale differentiates how the brain responds to a putative pheromone.

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In the Aug. Sniffing the steroids influences how people describe walking dot figures with gaits ranging from feminine at left to masculine at right. Pheromones are chemical signals that some animals use to convey information about sex, health and predators. Their existence and effect on behavior are well documented in reptiles, rodents and other animals but not clear-cut in humans.

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By Patrick Barry. Lesbian and heterosexual women respond differently to specific human odours, a brain-scanning study has found. The homosexual women showed similar brain activity to heterosexual men when they inhaled certain chemicals, which may be pheromones, the researchers say.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. By Elizabeth Svoboda, published January 1, - last reviewed on June 9,


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