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Skip to search form Skip to main content. This article aims to explore the applicability of this manual to andrology laboratories in China mainland in view of sperm count analysis, sperm motility analysis, sperm morphology analysis, sperm function analysis, anti-sperm antibody and seminal plasma biochemical marker analysis, and quality assurance and quality control of semen analysis. View PDF.

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In his lab, Pitnick engineers the heads of fruit fly sperm to glow a ghostly red and green so that he can observe them moving through dissected female fly reproductive tracts. He hopes his work will help reveal how sperm behave within female bodies, an area of research that's still in its relative infancy. These kinds of innovations could one day explain the great diversity of sperm shape and size across the animal kingdom.

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E-mail address: paulrajr yahoo. Email: paulrajr yahoo. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues.

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Ignore the whale. There are no good photos of sperm online. Sperm news now, and in a surprising development it turns out a history of smoking weed — "The Sperm Herb", as we will now be calling it — seems like it actually could be good for your sperm count.

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Correspondence Address : Dr. Cell phones are a relatively novel and evolving technology. Mobile communication is now essentially ruling in our daily activities through better connectivity and intelligent, smart phone services.

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In mammals, sperm guidance in the oviduct appears essential for successful sperm arrival at the oocyte. Hitherto, three different potential sperm guidance mechanisms have been recognized: thermotaxis, rheotaxis, and chemotaxis, each of them using specific stimuli - a temperature gradient, fluid flow, and a chemoattractant gradient, respectively. Here, we review sperm behavioral in these mechanisms and indicate commonalities and differences between them.

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SUN Sad1 and UNC84 domain containing -domain proteins are reported to reside on the nuclear membrane playing distinct roles in nuclear dynamics. Most Sun5 -null spermatozoa displayed a globozoospermia-like phenotype but they were actually acephalic spermatozoa. Additional studies revealed that SUN5 was located in the neck of the spermatozoa, anchoring sperm head to the tail, and without functional SUN5 the sperm head to tail coupling apparatus was detached from nucleus during spermatid elongation.

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Drosophila melanogaster sperm reach an extraordinary long size, 1. The mitochondrial derivatives run along the entire flagellum and provide structural rigidity for flagellar movement, but its precise function and organization is incompletely understood. The two mitochondrial derivatives differentiate and by the end of spermatogenesis the minor one reduces its size and the major one accumulates paracrystalline material inside it.

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During recent years, an increasing percentage of male infertility has to be attributed to an array of environmental, health and lifestyle factors. Male infertility is likely to be affected by the intense exposure to heat and extreme exposure to pesticides, radiations, radioactivity and other hazardous substances. We are surrounded by several types of ionizing and non-ionizing radiations and both have recognized causative effects on spermatogenesis.


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